HolyHood -Self Publishing 101 - AUTHORITY OF THE AUTHOR

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Write the book- You have authority as an author

if you can talk you can write You are an author!

leave the Legacy no more excuses

if you leave this earth Today did you tell your story.

You were designed to leave a Mark and that mark can be found in the legacy of the book you write- your book can go places you cant and your book will speak to the hearts of others when you are no longer in the earth- your book will also generate wealth for you and your family generations to come.

Why self publish because the time is now and the process isnt as hard as you think- Release whats in you -you are ready and your story is already approved.

Holyhood productions will guide you from start to finish and you can have your book self published and selling on amazon in 3days.

Package includes - Book layout - Book cover design - KDP tutorial - Account set up - isbn options - exclusive 3hr private sessions - become an best selling author on Amazon today.

I'm excited about your legacy.

*This session may be purchased for personal or as a gift*

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