HolyHood – is a lane all by itself! Lets start with what Holyhood is and why?

The holy people say I’m to hood and then the Hood people say I’m to holy – Man trying to connect with God when u from the hood it seems like you dont have a place to fit in. But you do now!

Holyhood is the combination of being human and yet housing the Greater Spirit on the inside of you- turning down daily opportunities to respond in our flesh we strive to allow the Holy to take over the hood in us.

Holyhood is more than a shirt a vibe or a hoodie –

Its a movement a community for those who felt outta place for LovingGod and still being hood – its Ok welcome to your lane Holyhood.

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  • When you wear the words HolyHood you are accepting you for being both natural and supernatural – understanding that God loves you and you are accepted as is HOLYHOOD with accepting that love you allow him to rise up in you and shine daily- so Yeah you may be Hood but you’re also made in his image HOLY- welcome to the lifestyle of HolyHood.
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HolyHood Cap
Holyhood Tank top
Holyhood Hoodie – winter ready